Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Summer Breeze Moment

Summer is here. I take a huge breath in and out, because I have finished spring semester at St. Kate's. My degree is nearly complete, and I feel like my next step is right on the brink of bursting open, like a hot summer breeze in my face.

The class was Leadership and the Art of Persuasion. It took a while to persuade myself that I am truly a leader, but I realized it about midterm of the class. My summer breeze moment dawned on me that I have been a leader all my life as a mother. The parenting role molded me into the person I am today. The results of my efforts are two awesome kids, and the opportunity to live vicariously through them and fulfill something in my life today, that I missed while growing up.

So I sat in class, pondering my personal leadership mission statement. That is when I connected the dots of raising kids and leadership. I accepted them where they were, let them make mistakes, and was there to console when they needed. I looked for the best in my kids and supported them to achieve their goals. I nurtured, cheered, guided, and accepted them all in the same breath in and out. Sounds easy, but it certainly was a process.

Crediting my journey of leadership to my kids made me realize accepting myself was the next step. As for the art of persuasion, well kids will persuade certainly to get their own way and what they want, but my personal persuasion was the path to enlightenment of acceptance and tolerance. I needed to take a chance on letting it all hang out, to lose the manager mask, and be a true leader as I define it within my heart. Leadership is an ambiguous term. It is really more of an individual path to finding your inner truth and becoming selfless. Just like parenting.

I struggled for many years to hold everything in, to do everything perfectly, to fit the mold and have a "plan". As I look back, there was my stumbling block. My summer breeze moment (this one was more like a straight line wind) was realizing the MISTAKES are the learning tools and PERFECTION was the roadblock. Perfection is unattainable. The moment I let that perfection breath out forever, clarity emerged. Today, I do the best I can in the situation, striving for excellence not perfection. Here's to giving up the vicious crazy cycle of perfection and just flying by the seat of my shorts.

Ya, perfection is overrated anyway.

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  1. Darling, this is lovely. Cheers to your pursuit of excellence!