Saturday, August 1, 2009

I have been pondering my longing for SOMETHING rewarding and fulfilling to my soul. I am naturally drawn to helping people, and am an entrepreneur in my heart of hearts. So I am reading Ladies who Launch, and it is telling me to go with my passion, not the expectations. It may not be crystal clear what the outcome will be, however learning is in the process of the journey.

In the last week I have been open to what ever has come along. I received 3 freelance jobs, as well as met a ton of people who are in need of promotional services for their businesses and personal brand. I think I am on to something. Red Acorn Promotions is on my mind as a name for a business. I need to brand myself, then assist others in following their dreams.

I met two women at the farmers market today; one makes candles, and one makes soap. My expertise in packaging, layout and design as well as product development kicked in. I think I am on to something BIG!

Red Acorn Promotions may be the answer to my prayers:)